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Welcome to OSCAR!

We understand that managing a scholarship program can be a difficult and time consuming task...

  • Do you collect your scholarship program applications with Word or PDF docs?
  • Do your applicants have to print and mail their application to you?
  • Do you copy and mail applications to committee members for review?

Let OSCAR help streamline your process.

Who is OSCAR? OSCAR is the Online Scholarship Collection And Ranking System!

What can OSCAR do? OSCAR Can Do...

  • a conversion of your current paper or pdf application to an easy to use online form!
  • data collection from the new online form that we create for you so that you can instantly view candidate information!
  • an easy to use workflow on the web for scholarship administrators!
  • scoring parameters to allow committee members to rank qualified candidates and score them!
  • simplified communication with students regarding important deadlines!

Scholarships can provide opportunities and change peoples lives. Paperwork and inefficient processes can get in the way of helping people and our goal is to fix that problem, thats why we developed OSCAR!


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